He's kinda hard to find so you just gotta search the middle of the forest to find him. Look around Woodman's Axe to find him.

Type: Fire
Found in: Miscrian Forest
Based on: Dragon, Deer, Goat Qilin


Evolution Stage 1: Flameling

Description: Groups of Flameling can sometimes be seen having elaborate fire dances together deep in the forest. The purpose of this ritual remains unknown.

Evolution Stage 2: Scorcharos

Description: Scorcharos, just starting to grow into its eventual beauty, often feels gawky and awkward, and needs lots of encouragement.

Evolution Stage 3: Fyrin

Description: Fyrin loves attention, and will often strut about in front of out-of-towners simply to hear them Ooo and Ahh over its beauty.

Evolution Stage 4: Infernus

Description: Many wealthy families try to keep the beautiful Infernus as nothing more than a pet. A true warrior at heart, Infernus is unhappy unless permitted to battle.


Health - Weak

Elemental Attack - Strong

Elemental Defense - Strong

Physical Attack - Moderate

Physical Defense - Moderate

Speed - Moderate

Known SkillsEdit

Skill Name Damage Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Cinders 7 100% Enemy Damage Fire 1
Ignite 10 100% Self Attack Elemental 1
Headbutt 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Shy Smile -5 95% Enemy Attack Both 7
Fire Dance 10 100% Enemy Damage Fire 10
Merciless 8 100% Self Attack Both 13
Bash 15 90% Enemy Damage Normal 16
Firewater 0 100% Self -Weakness Fire 19
Unbreakable 0 90% Self Buff Normal 22
Passion 20 90% Enemy Damage Fire 25
Debilitate -11 95% Enemy Defense Both 28
Wicked Flame 25 90% Enemy Damage Fire 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
200px-Flameling 200px-Scorcharos
200px-Fyrin 200px-Infernus