Ignios is the winner of the first ever Player-Inspired MIscrits competition Type: Fire Miscrit

Found In: Sunfall Shores

Rarity: Extremely Rare (Changes location daily)

Based On: Dragon, Dog, WOlf (only retards wright cat :)) And griffin

Places to find him and which days:

Monday - NOT FOUND Tuesday - SE egg nest next to the bridge before Dead Island Wednesday - Dead Island, sand mound beneath the ribs Thursday - The Sandcastle (Kelpa's Crib) Friday - NW sinkhole next to the opening of SS Saturday - Extreme SW egg nest (Arigato/Jack area) Sunday - SW deep sea diver helmet


Evolution Stage 1: Ignios

Description: Ignios distracts travelers with its cute innocent appearence to steal food and coins once their guard is down

Evolution Stage 2: Calamitas

Description: Calamitas loves nothing as much as attention, and it will prance around as much as it needs in order to attract stares

Evolution Stage 3: Praesul

Description: Praesul can sometimes be seen helping wayward travelers who have stumbled into dangerous areas, but it only does so in hope of a reward

Evolution Stage 4: Preliator

Description: Preliator, always trying to redeem itself for the selfish ways of the past, can always be counted on to help innocents in need


Health - Random

Elemental Attack - Max

Elemental Defense - Random

Physical Attack - Weak

Physical Defense - Random

Speed - Random

Known SkillsEdit

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Cinders 7 100% Enemy Damage Fire 1
Ignite +10 100% Self Buff Fire 1
Slap 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Eraser -7 100% Enemy Attack Debuff 7
Reliable Fire 10 100% Enemy Damage Fire 10
Slash 10 95% Enemy Damage Physical 13
Engulf 15 90% Enemy Damage Fire 16
Confuse - 50% Enemy Confuse Status 19
Passion 20 90% Enemy Damage Fire 22
Magic Eraser 13 100% Enemy Attack Debuff 25
Destruction 25 90% Enemy Damage Physical 28
Reaping Fire 25 90% Enemy Damage/-10% Accuracy Fire 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
IgniosIGNIOS 188px-CalamitasCALAMITAS
Evolution 3 Evolution 4
274px-PraesulPRAESUL 193px-PrelaitorPRELIATOR