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This Wiki is intended to help players of the Facebook Game Miscrits: World of Adventure find the info they need with a simple click. Any help to improve this site would be appreciated.If any of you have any comments or opinions about a certain monster. Please do not put it on the page if you are improving it just leave facts. There is a comment section below each monster.

Miscrit of the Week -- LUNAEdit

Strengths: Strong Element and Speed. Great high level skills. This Miscrit's skills are very versatile which make this Miscrit last.

Weakness: Earth and Health. This Miscrit lacks health making it rather squishy to a powerful physical attack. Last 3 Skills:

Lvl 25 - Hard Jab - Normal Attack, 20 AP 90% ACC

Lvl 28 - Laser Focus - Buff, +20% Accuracy

Lvl 30 - Leech Drain - Heal Attack, 12 AP 100% ACC
Strong vs Miscrits with high Physical Attack and Health like Flameling.
Weak vs Miscrits with max Physical Attack like Flue.